2019-20 PPD POM

August 2020 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

The winner for October is the first place Star Color print, Steam Punk 4-19, by Stuart Edgar, of  Kirkbampton, Cumbria, England. 

This month’s judge, Ed Cooley, admired it: “Every good portrait starts with the subject’s eyes.  The gaze of this portrait is captured perfectly in focus and appropriately sharpened. Viewing this image, I was immediately drawn to the model’s eyes.  I am then left to appreciate the beautiful but natural luminosity of her facial features. Her expression leaves me intrigued and wishing I could learn more of the circumstances surrounding the portrait.  A critical component of a wonderfully executed portrait. Finally my view expands to her costume which is perfectly exposed and post processed.  Notice how natural the colors and textures appear.  The supporting elements like clothing and accessories should not overpower the model’s facial features in terms of brightness, contrast, sharpness and saturation.  Another sign of an excellent portrait."