2018-19 PPD POM

April 2019 PPD Print of the Month (POM) Gallery

Star Monochrome

Jaipur Stairs
by Phil Thompson
1st Place Star Mono

Lotus Temple
by Phil Thompson
2nd Place Star Mono

Door in Germany
by Cindy Lynch
3rd Place Star Mono
Monochrome Print

Scary House
by Tim Booth
1st Place Mono Print

Roundhouse Dancer

by Bill Herbert
2nd Place Mono Print

Gothic Grandeur
by Tim Booth
3rd Place Mono Print
Star Color

Clarinet and Music
by Cindy Lynch
1st Place Star Color

Street Man
by David Price
2nd Place Star Color

Taj Sunrise
by Phil Thompson
3rd Place Star Color
Color Print

Dancing in the Castle
by Elaine Hoffman
1st Place Color Print


Drain Pipe
by Robert Royer
2nd Place Color Print

by Mike Whelan
3rd Place Color Print