2018-19 ND Interclub

2018-2019 Nature Interclub Round 1 Awards of Merit

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
I Smell a Rat
Karen Busack
Saguaro Camera Club
Warthog Chase
Patrick Pevey

Reno Photo Club
Victory and Defeat
Gary Trabant
Photo Adventures Camera Club
Successful Seal Hunt
Chris Kliewer
Camera Naturalist Photo Club
Frog in Spawn
Mike Hudson
The Evolve Group
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)
Atlantic Puffin
Anastasia Tompkins
Charlotte Camera Club
Bluebird Courtship
Kathrin Swoboda
Vienna Photographic Society
Wait for Me
Kathrin Swoboda
Vienna Photographic Society
Battling Marbled Godwits
Lynn Long
Photography Club of Beaufort
Family Dust Bath
Vijay Rawale
Full Frame Photo Club