2017-18 PPD POM

November 2017 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

Robert Royer, of Edmonton, Alberta, a new member this year, wins with his first place Color Print Old Net.

Our judge, Holly Moore, PPSA, tells us “There isn’t anything I don’t love about the photograph, Old Net. Throughout the judging process, the more times I revisited the print, the more I liked it. It grabbed and held my attention every time.

The excellent technical skills, attention to detail and a strong compositional sense of the photographer are obvious. Thoughtfully designed and purposeful, the composition is strong but also quite pleasing. The well placed handle connects with the circular rim at the perfect location. The excellent lighting enhances the fixation point as well as the intricate details and shadows throughout the print. You can almost feel the texture in the repetitive wooden shingles and the fine netting. The depth of field is excellent, the colors are rich and the print is crisp and sharp. The photographer’s choice of print paper makes for a lovely presentation. A well-executed and beautiful print.”