2017-18 PPD POM

December 2017 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

For the first time this contest year, John Spittle, of Serbingham, Cumbria, England has won with his First Place Star Color Getting Ready. (He also won First Place in Star Mono this month.)

Charles Ginsburgh, the judge, loved it: “This image represents a wonderful example of storytelling. The expression and details within the subjects are exquisite. The lighting/shadows in the subjects effectively adds dimension to these elements, and I love how the subjects appear to emerge from the textured background. The use of empty space around the subjects also adds to the effectiveness of this presentation. The parchment like feel of the texture coupled with the edge treatment also convey a feeling of something ‘written for us to see’. The only thing I might suggest is printing this image on some sort of textured creamy paper or card stock to complete the overall effect.”