2016-17 Nature Interclub

2016-2017 Nature Interclub Round 1 Awards of Merit

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
Brian Kushner
Delaware Photographic Society
Jumping Spider on Milkweed
Cathy Keifer
Grand Rapids Camera Club
Plains Zebras Fighting
Patrick Pevey
Reno Camera Club
Kingfisher with Catch
Mike Hudson
The Evolve Group
Starlings Feeding Young
Mike Hudson
The Evolve Group
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)
Nap Time
Butch VanSeters
Hillcrest Camera Club
Bald Eagle Action
Bonnie Block
Kitsap Photography Guild
Arun Mohanraj
Chorley Photographic Society
Hawk Owl with Prey
Jeff Hoffman
Little Owl and Woodpecker
Tony Bennett