PPD Print of the Month

June 2016 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

Joe Chunko, of Mason, Ohio, has won with the First Place Color Print Precarious Footing. This was his third win.

Kathleen Sims, APSA, the June Judge, described her thinking: “Of course, as we expect, all the technical aspects are “spot on.” I choose this image because having your camera ready and set for the correct aperture and shutter speed at the right moment is key for great bird photography. You only have a second to capture the bird in this position. Everything is sharp. The detail in the bird’s feathers catches my attention and his precarious footing draws me into the photo. I see a catch light in the eye and the slight green color on the beak shows the photo has not been over processed. There are no distractions in the sky. The vignette to frame the bird keeps me focused on the subject. I’m inspired to go out and see what I can capture.”