PPD Print of the Month

August 2016 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

Don Crow, of Lyman SC, won with one of his first two Mono Print entries, Approaching Storm.

Tom Hady, APSA, MPSA, our judge this month, said “Choosing the print of the month was not easy. There were a good many entries that were technically excellent. Approaching Storm, though, “spoke” to me in a way that others didn’t. It conveys a story of an intrepid captain venturing out to sea when the weather looks rough. You hope he will return!

The photographer’s timing was on the mark. The boat is outlined against the white clouds. Its silhouette stands out in a way it would not if it were to the left, where the storm is dark, but the dark clouds seem ready to overtake it. Technically, the tonal range is excellent, from full blacks to full whites and good modelling of the boat. The wake of the boat serves to lead your eye to it—if one needed a leading line in this drama! The “rule of thirds” is out the window, but the photographer was smart enough to realize that rules can be broken when the image calls for it.

An outstanding example of photographic art.”