Who's Who

2014 Who's Who in Photography

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The asterisk symbol (*) next to names on the lists denotes that the exhibitor has provided judging services in that Division. The number of credits given depends on the number of judges on the panel. Three judges=three acc; four or five judges=2 acc; six to ten judges=one acc. And more than ten=no credit. A judge must have acceptances in that Division section of other exhibitions to receive credit. “Jdg" = Number of judgings entered according to catalog records. "Acc" = Total number of acceptances.

Every year, the directors of
Who's Who spend many hours compiling exhibition data for their respective divisions. With the amount of data received, there are times when errors do occur. Listed below are the corrections reported and resolved.

Corrections to the
2014 Who's Who in Photography:

Name Jdg Acc
Projected Image Division (Color)
Villa, Riccardo, Italy 301 616
Lam, Chau Kei Checky, Hong Kong - position changed to 1st ranking Overseas, 1st for Worldwide 512 1632
Projected Image Division (Mono)
Tam, Joseph, Australia 259 809
Photo Travel Division (Digital)
Roemisch, Heiko, Germany 79 142
Nature Division (Print)
Roemisch, Heiko, Germany 109 210
Pictorial Print Division (2nd overseas, 3rd Worldwide)
Chi Hung (Jacky) Cheung, Hong Kong - position changed to 2nd ranking Overseas, 3rd for Worldwide 23 63
3D Division (Print) - Top Worldwide 3DD
Consentino, Michael, MN 3 10
3D Division (Digital)
Consentino, Michael, MN 4 7
3D Division (Print)
Consentino, Michael, MN 3 10