2013-14 Season

2014 Projected Image Division (PID) Image of the Year Results

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Image of the Year: Newborn
Jan-Thomas Stake, GMPSA
2nd Place: Art of Wine Glass 2
Mukesh Srivastava
3rd Place: Robber Fly 8
Lim Sin Kun Andy, PPSA
Judge's Choice: Larry No. 2
Alex Hunter
Judge's Choice: Charlies Street  Leo Palmer, FPSA, GMPSA (England) Judge's Choice: Partners
Ho Yau Ming Charles
(Hong Kong)
Honorable Mention: Ice of Greenland 14 by Sergey Anisimov, EPSA (Russia) Honorable Mention: Regard Intense by Eddy De Wilde (Belgium) Honorable Mention: A Misty Morning by Huang Chih Sheng, EPSA (Taipei)
Honorable Mention: Never Forgeth  Monique Jaspers (Belgium) Honorable Mention:
Reaching High by Vincent Kohar (Indonesia)
Honorable Mention: Foraging  Checky Lam Chau Kei
(Hong Kong)
Honorable Mention: Smoking Frog Niem Yung, EPSA
Honorable Mention: Birches and Barn, Birgit Pustelnik, PPSA (Germany)
Honorable Mention: Music Men  Eugene Schwope, FPSA, PPSA (USA)
Honorable Mention: Football 
Song Chiyue
Honorable Mention:
Distortion by Max van Son, EPSA (Netherlands)
Honorable Mention: Katzenaugen Amber, Manfred Voss
Image of the Year: Mother Love
He Yunsheng
2nd Place: Centre Glow
Jenni Horsnell, GMPSA

3rd Place: The Lady with the Doggy, Vladimir Dyadkov
Judge's Choice: On The Alert  Sandy McMillan, PPSA
Judge's Choice:
Going Down, Sami Lommi, PPSA (Finland)
Judge's Choice: Banyan Curve Reflex, Djatinegoro The Eng Loe (Indonesia)
Honorable Mention: The Dream of Fishing Village 2, Chan, H.W. Ping (Hong Kong) Honorable Mention: Body Landscapes, Thomas Detzner (Germany)
Honorable Mention: Flying High 14 Mono, Jenni Horsnell, GMPSA (Australia)
Honorable Mention: Peek a Boo Pop, Alex Hunter
Honorable Mention: Down You Go Joseph Tam, MPSA

Honorable Mention: Badeleiter  Manfred Voss
Honorable Mention: Bar Code Legs BW, Ronald Wilson