2014-15 PPD Print of the Month

April 2015 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

The April Print of the Month is Fruit A Plenty, the First Place Star Color image by Arnie Goldstein of South Amboy, New Jersey.

Dan Katzman, this month’s judge, tells us that “This is a beautifully lit and processed still life of fruit. The soft wide light source helps make the fruit look luscious. There is enough light from the left that we see the shadow side very well, enhancing the perceived roundness of the fruit. There is a slight intentional softness to the image reminiscent of a subtle use of something like an Orton technique – but probably done in the digital processing.

The closest part of the pear is a little soft, which I suspect was done intentionally to increase the sense of depth. The overall feel is quite painterly.”