2014-15 PPD Print of the Month

July 2015 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

The first winner of this contest year is Brown on Brown by Claudia Peterson of San Jose, CA. It is the Star Color First Place winner.

The judge, Jon Fishback, was enthusiastic: “This portrait may be one of the most beautiful I have seen in competition in years. The subtle lighting on the face, to me, renders the features and textures as if she is with me and is about to move and I want to see that. I feel the modeling of the features is extraordinary.

This is a real person, someone I want to know. I want to hear her opinion of things and hear her sing. I want to see her drink soda with a straw and cry.

I love the subtle red of her lips and the small wrinkles under her eyes. I am pleasantly surprised that her eyes have detail, even a hint of a blood vessel in the white, The catch light in the eyes excites me as it seems so natural.”