2014-15 Nature Interclub

2014-2015 Nature Interclub Round 3 Awards

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
Oystercatcher Attacking Redshank
Robert Devenish
Hoylake Photographic Society
Wolf in Snow
Julie Walker
West Cumbria Photo Group
Flycatcher Express Delivery
Roy Haddock
Merrimack Valley Camera Club
Lee Dygert
Mount Baker Camera Club
Playing Cubs
Frank Forward
Gateway Camera Club
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)

Spider at Rest
Jerry Keifer
Grand Rapids Camera Club
Spider in the Grass
Cathy Keifer
Grand Rapids Camera Club
Bluebirds Feeding
Rich Phalin
Unlimited Visions Photo Club
Reddish Egret Mourning Dance
Bramm Oberholster
Photographic Society of Chattanooga
Robin with Festive Feast
John R. Barlow
Chorley Photographic Society
Wildebeest Migration Maasi Mara
Arun Mohanraj
Chorley Photographic Society