2014-15 Nature Interclub

2014-2015 Nature Interclub Round 2 Awards

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
Cicada and Pupa
Paul Peterson
New Haven Camera Club
Burrowing Owl with Mouse
Connie Fox
Ridgewood Camera Club
Katmai Grizzly with Cub
Susan Peter
Delaware Photographic Society
Osprey with CatchPeter CurcisGreater Lynn Photographic Assoc.
Bright Eyes
John Sixsmith
Hoylake Photographic Society
Kestrel Landing
Austin Thomas
Wigan 10 Foto Club
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)

Baby Bear Pedicure
Victoria Braden
F67 Camera Club
Wood Duck Landing
Bill Coatney
St. Louis Camera Club
Full Beak
Milton McLaine
Photographic Society of Chattanooga
Fox on a Rock
Janet Schleeter
Digital Darkroom
Hungry Merlin
Louisa Murzyn
Digital Darkroom