2013 PSA Conference

2013 PSA Annual Conference Pre & Post-Conference Photo Trips/Workshops

The following trips or workshops are being offered by PSA members through their own organizations. Booking is directly with the members on their websites or by phone for the following tours:

Pre-Conference Tour
Acadia National Park

September 11 – 14, 2013


New England Photo Workshops

Don Toothaker & Bob Ring

Cost: $695.00 per person
Includes: Daily lunches, location
and workshop fee.
Limited: to 10 attendees


Toothaker-Don.jpg Ring_Bob.jpg
Don Bob
Acadia National Park is a unique photographic destination unlike any other. Highly photogenic in every aspect, Acadia offers photographers of every skill level a multiple of opportunities. Here you can shoot miles of dramatic coastline, crashing waves, mountain and ocean vistas, culturally rich towns, classic New England harbor scenes, historic carriage roads, wildflowers, wildlife, a stunning lighthouse, and so much more. Join us as we explore the island and reveal its unique diversity.

We will maximize our time in the field shooting a multitude of subjects as well as incorporating classroom instruction, critiques, and individual instruction through the course of each day. Attendees will benefit from the experience of two instructors. Strong emphasis will be placed on technique, composition, exposure, lens selection, subject development, and image processing.

Join us as we Explore New England!

Post-Conference Tour
Great North Woods - Baxter State Park
September 22 – 25, 2013
Kathadin_View_Baxter_State_Park_Don_Toothaker-DT8_2216.jpg New England Photo Workshops

Don Toothaker & Bob Ring

Cost: $1395.00 per person
Includes: workshop fee, lodging,
all meals, and locale ground
Limited: to 8 attendees


Toothaker-Don.jpg Ring_Bob.jpg
Don Bob

Baxter State Park defines wilderness in New England. This beautiful state park is a must for nature photographers of every skill level. Wildlife abounds in this rugged landscape of woods and waters. During our stay we will encounter deer, moose, a variety of birds, and numerous scenic landscapes. There is also ample opportunity to photograph wildflowers, trees, and streams. During this time of year we will begin to see early signs of autumn foliage making for more dramatic scenes of the lakes and mountains of Baxter State Park.

Each day there will be strong emphasis placed on technique, depth of field, composition, lens selection, subject development, and image processing. Attendees benefit from hands on instruction from two photographers and as well as daily classroom discussions and critique sessions.

The Great North Woods is an all inclusive workshop. We will lodge and dine at a beautiful family run inn just outside of Baxter State Park. Meals, lodging, and workshop fee are all included.

Join us as we Explore New England!

Post-Conference Tours
Glorious Acadia (September 22 - 25, 2013)
The Light of Cape Cod (September 25 - September 29, 2013)
conf-Shiv-verma_MG_7902-Edit.jpg Shiv Verma Photography
617.759.0010, Shiv Verma
Cost: Acadia: $325, Cape Cod: $395
Not Included: Travel to and from Acadia, Bar Harbor, travel to and from Cape Cod, lodging, insurance, meals and incidentals are not included (breakfasts are included in Bar Harbor). Please complete the registration and release forms. A $200.00 deposit is required to confirm your reservation for the Acadia workshop and $150 for the Cape Cod Workshop. Deposits are due by July 15, 2013 and the balance is due by August 30, 2013.
Limited: minimum 4, maximum 12


Acadia National Park fall and coastal scenery photography workshop is an exciting opportunity for photographers of all levels to enhance their skills, capturing what Acadia presents. October is a unique month with unique opportunities for photographing the glorious fall colors of hardwoods, berries and reflections. The rugged coast produces exceptional sunrises and sunsets. Acadia and its surroundings have an amazingly diverse range of photographic opportunities for learning field techniques. We will experience and learn how to capture grand wide-angle landscapes and the intimate macro landscapes using a wide array of lenses.

Early fall in Cape Cod is a multi faceted photo opportunity with truly spectacular scenics and some wildlife. The tourists have all gone, the Oyster festival is over and traffic is not a nightmare. This very special workshop is for all levels of photographers from beginner to advanced. The Cape provides some of the most incredible landscapes and seascapes and the light during fall is exceptional. We will explore and photograph the Capes classic seashore, sand dunes, light houses and some wildlife (migratory birds). We will determine schedules and locations based on weather forecasts, tides and sunrise/sunset times.

Full details are at www.shivverma.com/workshops/