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2010 Councils Challenge Results

Individual Winners for Digital
Place, Maker, Organization, Title
1st Tapio Karjalainen FINNISH Back to the Colony
2nd Tom Savage, APSA, PPSA GSCCC Crane in Early Light
3rd Marvin Gerstein DVCCC Old Salt
HM Karl Leck DVCCC Ballett in the Field
HM Steven Berkowitz DVCCC Fox Family
HM Jan Lee GSCCC Rapt Attention
HM Burt Johnson NO CAL Water Drops Colliding
HM Linda Dunlap N4C Rubies
HM Chris Wraight NECCC Late Throw to Second
HM Lazlo Gyorsok NECCC One Way
HM John Anderson TCACCC Owl Rise
HM Terry Molter WACCO Cape-May
Individual Winners for Print
Place, Maker, Organization, Title
1st Greg Bartosik NECCC Painted Lips
2nd Ken Johnson N4C Sunrise at Monument Valley
3rd Bruce Bernstein N4C Wave Break
HM Bob Benson, APSA CACCA Thomas Moulton Homestead
HM Mei Wang CHINA Going Home
HM Ed Lorson N4C Last Light of Day
HM Lynda Richards N4C Violinist
HM Nichon Thorstrom-Smith NWCCC Turning One Hundred Three
HM Cynthia Fleury TCACCC Rustic Boat
HM Geoffrey Kuchera TCACCC The Barn Down the Lane
Individual Winners for Slides
Place, Maker, Organization, Title
1st Marilyn Gladitsch, PPSA TCACCC “May” Hepaticas
2nd Bob Kleppin WACCO Rays of Life
3rd Al Carlson WACCO Peacock - Scotland
HM Monica Verma NECCC Lanqur Family
HM Gerald Emmerich, Jr., FPSA, EPSA WACCO Bond in Gold
HM Sandra Matson WACCO Lighthouse at Sunset
Council Standings for the Overall Challenge
Place Organization Total Pts Digital Prints Slides
1 New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) 296 108 93 95
2 North Central Camera Clubs Council (N4C) 288 96 104 88
3 Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization (WACCO) 280 105 79 96
4 Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC) 275 98 91 86
5 Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA) 268 85 98 85
6 Association of Finnish Camera Clubs (FINNISH) 250 96 82 72
7 Gulf States Camera Club Council (GSCCC) 181 93 88 -
8 China Communication Photography Association (CHINA) 179 79 100 -
9 San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council (SJVCCC) 170 88 82 -
10 Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (NO CAL) 102 102
11 Northwest Council of Camera Clubs (NWCCC) 99 - 99 -
12 Delaware Valley Council of Camera Clubs (DVCCC) 96 96 - -
13 Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) 92 92 - -