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2007 Councils Challenge Results

Individual Winners for Digital
Place, Maker, Organization, Title
1st place Sandy Selesky (NECCC) Galapagos Sea Lion and Newborn Pup 15 points
2nd place Lillian Roberts (S4C0 Brown Bear Stare 15 points
3rd place Mary Campbell (NECCC) Loon Fishing 15 points
HM Lisa Cuchara (NECCC) Bluebird With Moth 15 points
HM Eleanore Avery (Gulf States) Bloody Challenge 15 points
HM David Bechtel (Gulf States) Road Runner 15 points
Individual Winners for Print
Place, Maker, Organization, Title
1st place Karen Frishman (CACCA) Keeping Watch 15 points
2nd place Tom Savage (Gulf States) Grizzly With Salmon 15 points
3rd place Dick Boone (Gulf States) Green Jay 15 points
HM Dick Hudnall (NECCC) By The Sea II 13 points
HM Kevin Moody (Gulf States) Neglected Storm Shack 13 points
HM John Lowin (WACCO) Comfort Zone-4 Day Old Elephant Calf 13 points
Individual Winners for Slides
Place, Maker, Organization, Title
1st place Dale Gilkinson, FPSA, (S4C) Redeye 06-144 15 points
2nd place Winn Kraton (S4C) San Francisco From Treasure Island 14 points
3rd place Gerald Emmerich, FPSA, EPSA (WACCO) Fall Color At Oxbow Bend 14 points
HM Jacob Mosser, III, FPSA (NECCC) The Fighter 13 points
HM Lloyd A. McCarthy, FPSA (CACCA) Golden Light 13 points
HM Signe Emmerich (WACCO) Seattle Night Lights 13 points
Council Standings for the Overall Challenge
Place Organization Total Pts Digital Prints Slides
1 Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) 352 112 117 123
2 New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) 344 130 101 113
3 Gulf States Camera Club Council (GSCCC) 339 117 118 104
4 Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA) 328 112 106 110
5 Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization (WACCO) 317 105 108 104
6 Northern California council of Camera Clubs (N4C) 216 112 104 -