PSA Volunteer Opportunities Available

This list of volunteer opportunities is updated regularly. Members who are interested in one of the positions listed, should read about the program or activity on the webpage that is linked, read the Master Operating Manual (MOM) for the position if it is linked, and complete the Volunteer Application. The volunteer will be contacted as soon as possible.

Members who have a PSA position in need of a volunteer need to provide the information requested on the Post a PSA Volunteer Position form and the position will be posted on this page.

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    The Photo Travel Division needs a volunteer to review Photo Travel exhibition websites to check that they are following the rules.   Please email Brian Magor at ptd-chair@psa-photo.org for further information.
    The program coordinator is seeking an assistant who is experienced with Excel and Microsoft Word. Guidance will be offered.  Please contact Fred Doerfler at conference-program-coordinator@psa-photo.org
  • PPD SECOND VICE CHAIR - Posted 5-30-2017
    Assist the 1st Vice Chair and Chairman of the Print Division. Working with the Chairman, selects Guest Exhibitors for the next year’s conference, assembles the Guest Exhibitor display boards. And anything else the Chairman needs/assigns. Contact » Susan Cowles, APSA, MPSA, PPD Chair, if interested.

    MOM for this position - doc

    Position to start in October of 2017. 
    The Projected Image Division (PID) is looking for an Exhibitions Standards Co-Director (ESD.) The ESD will be responsible for assuring compliance with Exhibition Standards rules for recognition of all PSA exhibitions in the Western Hemisphere, except for 3D exhibitions. The work involves occasional consultation with the applicants, and review of each exhibition’s written application in light of current PSA rules. Full details can be found on the PSA web site at Exhibitions > Host an Exhibition.

    If interested, please contact Larry Beller at 
    The PJD Division is looking for someone to take over the PJD Photo Story Competition. The Photo Story Competition provides an opportunity for PSA members to develop or explore one theme or subject in a deeper, more comprehensive manner by using a series of digital images or a layout of prints. If interested, please email the PJD chair at pjd-chair@psa-photo.org
  • EDUCATION: Digital Programs - Committee Chairperson and Committee Members - Updated April 17, 2017
    A volunteer to be Chairman of the Digital Programs Committee is needed to lead the committee members to develop instructional and educational digital programs for use by PSA members and member clubs.  The chair can design a plan of action to use both internal and external sources of educational materials to augment and update the existing library. 

    Position reports to the Image Collections Vice President.  
  • TOPS DIRECTOR FOR PTD - Posted March 8, 2017
    The Photo Travel Division is looking for a TOPS Director.  TOPS IN PHOTOGRAPHY is a collection of images contributed by the top exhibitors in PSA Who’s Who in Photography.  Training will be provided.  Please contact Brian Magor, psaptd@gmail.com
  • CONFERENCE REGISTRAR FOR 2018 CONFERENCE - Posted March 17, 2017
    Conference Registrar needed for the Salt Lake City Conference: An excellent position to work as a team of 2 handling the conference registration.  Training will be provided at the Pittsburgh conference.  For more information contact Conference VP, Greg Daley, conferenceVP@psa-photo.org or psa@gregorydaley.com
  • CAMERA CLUB COMMITTEE Club Service Chairman - Posted Oct 21, 2016

    The PSA Club Service Chairman should be a PSA member that is familiar with PSA-member clubs and their PSA activities. They would be responsible for overview of the 14 club consultants. It is desirable for them to have knowledge of interclub competitions, Newsletter, and Website competitions. They should be able to write articles for the PSA club newsletter (the Projector) and the PSA Journal. They should have knowledge of excel or a similar program. They would work with the PSA web editor to keep club activity information current on the PSA web site. They should be able to help to bring in new activities for clubs. They should help recruit new clubs and work on club retention.


  • HISTORY COMMITTEE - posted October 21, 2016

    The history committee needs member’s familiar with Excel to create historical record keeping spreadsheets: 

    • Record of Division PSA Journal editor’s spreadsheet
    • Honors Citations record
    • Guidance and Training will be provided.

    Contact Laura Davies ljd1538@aol.com

  • Data Entry Teams (DET) (posted Oct 21, 2016)

    A group of 60 volunteers needed to input data into the new Acceptance Data Bank.  Training and guidance will be provided.

    The Data Entry Teams shall be responsible for processing Electronic Data Acceptance Spreadsheets (EDAS) received from PSA-Recognized exhibitions. The initial requirements shall consist of processing of approximately 2400 reports received from exhibitions conducted during 2016, which will may be applicable to any of 6 divisions. The 2016 reports are being processed first so that the Who’s Who Directors will be greatly assisted in the preparation of the 2016 results. By way of background, this will probably include approximately 900,000 individual acceptance records.

  • EDUCATION: Mentors Updated Feb 15, 2016
    PSA members who have experience regarding a specific photography topic and are willing to share their knowledge with members who wish to explore this topic are needed as Mentors for the following areas:
    •  Equestrian Photography |
    This position reports to the Mentor Services Committee Chair.