PSA Volunteer Opportunities Available

This list of volunteer opportunities is updated regularly. Members who are interested in one of the positions listed, should read about the program or activity on the webpage that is linked, read the Master Operating Manual (MOM) for the position if it is linked, and complete the Volunteer Application. The volunteer will be contacted as soon as possible.

Members who have a PSA position in need of a volunteer need to provide the information requested on the Post a PSA Volunteer Position form and the position will be posted on this page.

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  • PTD TOPS Director - Posted 7-14-2016
    The PTD division is currently looking for a TOPS director. The description of the position is:
    "TOPS in Photography is a collection of quality images of PSA members assembled into sets for shows. In addition to Photo Travel images, there are 
    also images from PID, ND, and PJD. The collection is comprised of images contributed by members, by invitation of each division, who are among the top exhibitors as listed in PSA's "Who's Who" annual listing."

    For more information on the requirements of this position, contact the PTD Chair.
  • STAR RATINGS: Committee Chair - posted March 31, 2016

    The prime duty of the Star Ratings Committee Chairman is to coordinate the activities of the various Division Star Ratings Directors and work towards common practices and requirements by the various Divisions.  In order to accomplish this:

    1. The Chairman shall receive proposals to change existing practices or to establish new practices from the Divisions.  Proposals from Divisions should include background and reason for the request, along with an indication of Division membership support.

    2. The Chairman shall draft common procedures with the assistance of the Exhibition Services Chairman and present them to the various Division Star Ratings Directors in the effort for uniform requirements in submitting Star Ratings Practices and maintaining records of approved ratings.

    3. The Chairman shall keep the Star Ratings Practices document up to date.  To ensure the document is up to date, the Star Ratings Directors shall conduct a full review of the document and their procedure documents at least every five (5) years.

    The Chairman shall conduct the meeting of the Star Ratings Committee held during the annual PSA Conference.  If the Chairman is not able to attend the annual PSA Conference, the Chairman shall appoint a representative to handle the meeting and notify the Exhibition Services Vice President of who will preside.  The Exhibition Services Vice President can preside at the request of the Chairman.

    If interested, contact the Exhibition Services VP

  • EDUCATION: Digital Programs Committee Chair - Updated Feb 15, 2016
    A volunteer to be the chairman of the Digital Programs Committee to lead the Committee members to develop instructive and educational digital audio visual programs for PSA members, member clubs, Councils and Chapters. Knowing the digital software program like ProShow Producer is a plus but not required. Must attend the annual PSA Conference so he/she can meet with the Digital Program Committee members to plan for the work every year. Position reports to the Image Collections Vice President. Contact the Image Collections Vice President if interested.
  • EDUCATION: Mentors Updated Feb 15, 2016
    PSA members who have experience regarding a specific photography topic and are willing to share their knowledge with members who wish to explore this topic are needed as Mentors for the following areas:
    •  Equestrian Photography |
    This position reports to the Mentor Services Committee Chair.