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PPD - 2013-12-02 11:08:37

  • 2013 Digital Print Workshop Winners
  • Members produce the best print from the same digital file
  • First place from each Round entered in Annual Competition
  • First Place: Kim Brock, PPSA (Printer), Rich Kolson, APSA, PPSA (Master)
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The PPD Print Workshops Annual Competition is held yearly about one month prior to the start of the PSA Annual Conference. The entries are restricted to images receiving a First Place in a Print Workshops Group circuit completed during the year since the previous competition.

The Print Workshops is an activity offered by PPD that challenges your print-making abilities. The basic concept of the Print Workshops is that every member of a group makes the best prints that they can from the very same set of negatives or digital files – normally three (3) per circuit. There are Color Digital, Monochrome Digital, and darkroom monochrome medium format Groups presently active in the Print Workshops.

The workshop portfolio is mailed from member to member, and when the routing is completed, the prints are judged by the “Master” for the circuit (normally the person who supplied the original negatives or digital files) and he/she provides helpful comments on the prints submitted by the group members. Points towards a PPD medal and Award Certificates are given for the winning prints and for “Master” services.

Here are the results of the 2013 Competition:

1st Conkle’s Hollow Falls Kim Brock, Printer Rich Kolson APSA, PPSA, Master

2nd Cleveland Dam Bill Kruser, Printer Tony Paine, Master

3rd Barn on a Bend Walter Hoffman,Printer Rich Kolson, APSA, PPSA, Master

HM Flowering Cherries Rich Kolson, APSA, PPSA, Printer Peggy Curtis, Master

HM Encounter on the Inca Trail Jim Ewins, Printer Tony Paine, Master

HM Amish Farm Pat Grady, Printer Rich Kolson APSA,PPSA, Master

HM Diamond Millennium Bill Kruser, Printer Walter Hoffman, Master