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PSA Membership - 2014-12-30 09:31:00

Free Membership is awarded to referring members according to the following:

  • One free, one-year PSA membership after referring the first ten (10) new members who join within that calendar year
  • One free, one-year membership when five (5) or more new members are referred to and join PSA during any subsequent calendar year

45 New members total gets a third star and presentation box
70 New members total gets a fourth star
Stars one-four presented at local meetings

100 New members total gets a fifth star (plaque), which is presented at the PSA Conference
200 New members total Ruby Star (plaque) is presented at the PSA Conference
400 New members total Diamond Star (plaque) is presented at the PSA Conference

* Continuous membership required to receive Membership Stars.

Make sure that when your new member signs up, he or she indicates that you referred them! Checkk the New Member list when it comes out to make sure you received proper credit.