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Subramaniam Balakrishnan

Moments are sometimes captured, but more often than NOT MANY are Lost. My photography reflects moments that can never be reproduced. I AM NOT AN AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRPAPHER who has won many prestigious PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, but I am a self taught photographer who strives to reproduce moments that one will not miss or forget.

I consider photography is a magical box that which captures light and you can do whatever you please with the captured light. Although I owned and used high quality cameras and lenses for over two decades, unlike many professional photographers I decided to become ONE only after I turned sixty.

My retirement as a Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) engineer motivated me and gave me the opportunity to pursue what is close to my heart. Having been an engineer and being OLDER and WISER I have learnt the art of precision, patience and perseverance (Three Ps). These three P attributes are required to capture children, birds and animals in the right moods and frames. There is never a dull moment when I am with CAMERA in hand. I like to capture and create stunning visuals of nature, landscape, people, birds and animals.

The NEW and EVER CHANGING WORLD of DSLR has made this art a unique and fascinating way to show what this beautiful world has to offer. It is my objective to make the client and the beholder of my photos to feel that they are unique, captivating and have a special style that pleases their eyes and heart. It is NOT FOR ME to speak about my photos but for the client to feel and appreciate what he sees in my photos. The photo I took of my grand- daughter below gave me the inspiration and confidence that I have the skills, imagination and eyes to capture a telling story through my photos.

My two grandchildren and my two golden retrievers are regular models. I live in Singapore and travel to experience, witness, admire and capture emotions and expressions of people, animals, birds, nature and landscapes.