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Contact: ✉ with questions on registration. Contact ✉ John Davis, HonPSA, MPSA with questions on workshop details

Led by John Gerlach and Barbara Eddy, PSA Representatives: J.R. Schnelzer, APSA, EPSA· and John M. Davis, Jr., HonPSA, MPSA·

18 Participants, 0 available, We are now taking spots for the waiting list: 0 on Waiting List
Registration opened: October 22 at 8:00am, US Central Time and closes on November 30, 2018

Register for this trip - Gerlach registration and payment (workshop, lodging and snow coach package) follows PSA registration confirmation

The landscapes, natural areas and wildlife are breathtakingly beautiful in winter. The 7000 foot altitude is also breathtaking. All transportation will be by snow coach. No private vehicles will be used or authorized. The Yellowstone roads, not off-road travel, will access the photography spots. Walking will be limited to the photography spots near the places the snow coaches will park. Expect the temperatures to be low, and weather variable, with wind, rain and snow possible. Your physical and medical fitness for the trip, and your preparation for the workshop, should be a part of your decision to participate. Safety is our priority. 

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  • Registration and Cost



    The PSA participation fee, which covers administrative and miscellaneous costs, is $190. Registration begins at 8:00am US Central Time on October 22, 2018. Seats for the trip may fill up quickly. If you try to register after the seats are filled, you can ask to be put on the waiting list. If there is a cancellation, contact will be made with the person at the top of the waiting list. Once you have completed the registration form, you will be sent a link to make a credit card only payment of a PSA participation fee, which covers administrative and miscellaneous costs of $190. Your registration with PSA will then be confirmed to you.

    Download, print, sign and date the » PSA Release and Indemnity Agreement: pdf and mail it to PSA Headquarters, 8241 S. Walker Ave, Suite 104, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139. If you cancel your participation after January 4, 2019, a cancellation fee of $95 will be charged and the balance refunded to you. PSA’s phone is 1-855-772-4636.


    After you receive confirmation of registration, you can register with Gerlach Nature Photography for the workshop, lodging and snow coach package, through Tracie Frontin, 1-800-221-1151, Seeyellowstone Travel Agency, at When she is notified of your registration with PSA, she will make your workshop package reservation. The package cost for workshop, lodging, snow coach and all meals, is $1915, double occupancy at Three Bear Lodge in West Yellowstone, or $2192, single occupancy. There are blocked rooms for participants, up to a cutoff date. The Travel Agency will advise you regarding a $500 deposit requirement, payable within 10 days of registration with the Agency, and the amount and date of the balance due, the cancellation fee and date requirements, and the date of the release of the blocked rooms at the Lodge. Seeyellowstone Travel Agency can add days before or after the workshop if you plan to extend your trip to Yellowstone.


    Bozeman Montana airport is frequently used for travel to West Yellowstone. Karst Stage in Bozeman runs a shuttle from Bozeman airport and some of the major hotels, to West Yellowstone (about 3 hours), and back to the airport and major hotels. They can be reached at (406) 586-8567.

    Be sure you arrive at the Three Bear Lodge by 7pm on Sunday evening, January 13, 2019, for the organizational and information and safety meeting with Barbara Eddy and John Gerlach of Gerlach Nature Photography and the PSA Representatives. The meeting will cover workshop operational details, safety, and camera gear and its use.

    Privately owned or rented vehicles and people who are not PSA members are not authorized on the workshop. If a PSA member wishes to bring a family member or friend, that person will first need to register as a PSA member. An adult inside the US, Canada or Mexico can join for $45 for a digital membership. We welcome them to the photographic society!
  • Workshop Package
    John Gerlach and Barbara Eddy of Gerlach Nature Photography,, will provide a WINTER LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, in Yellowstone National Park, for 18 PSA members, beginning at 7pm on Sunday evening, January 13, 2019, and ending at 1:00 to 1:30pm on Friday, January 18.

    This is a package offering which includes discounted workshop and lodging prices, including workshop instruction, snow coach transportation, lodging with breakfast, and lunch and dinner provided.

    John and Barbara are known to many PSA members who have attended workshops by them in the past. They are friends of PSA and look forward to working with our members. This workshop is for PSA members from the United States only, until insurance requirements for international PSA members are known.
  • Additional Information and Questions
    Registration questions can be addressed by PSA Headquarters:

    Further information for registered participants will be provided by John Gerlach or Barbara Eddy (see their website), and/or by John Davis, Co-PSA Representative,, such as workshop details, safety briefing, and recommendations for personal and photographic equipment.

    PSA members John M. Davis, Jr., HonPSA, MPSA· and J.R. Schnelzer, APSA, EPSA· will be present for the trip as PSA Representatives.