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Zoran Milutinovic, MPSA, GPSA, EFIAP/p

Prof. Zoran Milutinovic, MD, PhD lives in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a full time professor of otolaryngology (laryngosurgeon) at the Belgrade University School of Medicine, now retired. He became serious about photography in 2006, when he joined the Photo Club Belgrade, where he also has served as the president.

He has participated in more than 350 group exhibitions in over 35 countries and at all continents, receiving more than 280 awards and was also the most successful author in Serbia for the year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. So far he has had 23 solo exhibitions of his work and is a co-author and editor of one photography book.

In 2015 he received his EFIAP/p (platinum), in 2016 GPSA and in 2018 his MPSA distinction.

Zoran has a variety of interests in photography, including nature & wildlife, documentary, experimental and infrared photography.

His website can be seen at: www.milutinovic.rs

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