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Tom Tauber, APSA, MPSA·

Tom Tauber joined PSA in 2009. In 2011 he was appointed second vice chair of the PSA Photo Travel Division. In 2012 he became first vice chair and in 2014 chairman. He directed the Photo Travel Study Group Program for three years and is still active in it. In 2013, he received the PSA Early Achiever Award.

He is currently Director of the PSA Travel Advisory Service Program. Tom holds 5 galaxies in Photo Travel, one galaxy in Color Projected, 4 stars in Small Color Prints, 4 stars in Photojournalism, 3 stars in Large Color Prints, 2 stars in Small Mono Prints and one star in Nature. In Who's Who in Photography 2014, he was ranked No.2 in North America in PT Prints and No.12 in North America in PT Projected.

Tom served as chairman of the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and previously served for several years as judges' chair for the Wilmington International and for the Delaware Photographic Society. He has judged a number of PSA-recognized International exhibitions and club competitions.

Tom received his PPSA distinction in 2013, EPSA in 2015 and MPSA in 2018. He was elected Associate (APSA) in 2018.