Photojournalism Division (PJD) Quarterly Competition

Quarterly Competition

✉ Karen Leonard, PPSA·

Closing Dates: The normal closing dates will be the end of February, May, August and November.

Dates may vary due to availability of judges. Please check https://psa-programs.org/pjd-quarterly/ for the most up to date information.

There are two groups, one for the less experienced (two stars or less) and the second group for the more experienced (more than two stars) group. Each group has an Open and a Themed category. That means each person will have the opportunity to enter up to eight new images: four in the Open and four in the Themed category for the quarter.


Eligibility & Rules

» Photojournalism Definition

Photojournalism entries are images with informative content and emotional impact, reflecting the human presence in our world. The journalistic (story-telling) value of the image should receive priority over pictorial quality. Images that misrepresent the truth, such as those from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography, are not eligible.

Techniques that add, relocate, replace, remove or change any element in the original scene, except by cropping, are not permitted. All images must look natural. The only allowable modifications are removal of dust, scratches or digital noise and restoration of the appearance of the existing scene, or complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not eligible

In order to help promote new work, this activity is for images that have never been accepted into a PSA-­recognized exhibition.

» PJD Quarterly Competition - Entry rules: document  | Prepare and size electronic file images: document

Entry Forms

This competition allows direct entry into the judging website.

Model Release May be Requested if winning image is a portrait and PSA wishes to publish it

If there is no Model Release available, the image may win but cannot be published. For those who do not have a Model Release, Sample Model Release Form - doc - interactive pdf - both of these forms can be filled out and saved on a mobile or desktop device.