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Mohammed Arfan Asif, MPSA, EFIAP/g, FICS

Mohammed Arfan Asif primary forte is pictorial portraiture and landscapes. Most of his photography has been done in the analog medium and he loves printing his own black and white pictures in the traditional darkroom. Arfan has now adopted the digital medium.

He shares his love for photography by mentoring a small group of photo enthusiasts; Shutter Bugs Creative Forum based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has been awarded distinctions and honors in photography by different International photographic organizations. He earned the MPSA in 2018 and Excellence Gold distinction of FIAP (EFIAP/g) in 2017. His first distinction in photography was the Associate of The RPS (The Royal Photographic Society) in 1994. PSA awarded the honor of APSA in 2017 for Arfan's services to photography.

Arfan has exhibited his photographs in International photography salons, exhibitions and galleries and won many awards including the Grand Prix Award for Photography in Serbia, the FIAP Blue pin badge for Best Entrant in International Salon, Trierenberg Gold Medal, Al Thani Gold Medal, Benu Sen Memorial Award in Lucknow, the top award in Lalithakala Academy National exhibitions in Karnataka and Gujarat, Photo of the Year in Germany and many PSA, FIAP, ICS, GPU, FIP, MoL medals, diplomas and ribbons among his 580 awards spread over 62 countries.

Arfan has lectured, judged International salons and contests in India and abroad and has been a columnist on the art of photography for magazines. He has presented on various aspects of photography in India, Italy, Spain and UAE. He was one of the 50 invited world-renowned photo artists by The Photographic Society of Macao in 2008. Arfan has a master's degree in Pharmacology and a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Research and works in pharmacy administration at the government health authority in Dubai. He is the PSA Club Representative for Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in Dubai. For Arfan, photography is a passion and he aspires to reach out to a wider audience and share knowledge acquired through three decades of extensive photography.