PTD Star Ratings Program

Photo Travel Division 
Star Ratings
Director, Stars 1-5

 Joseph Tam, BPSA, GMPSA

Photo Travel Division 
Galaxy and Diamond Awards Director

 Tony Potter, APSA, GMPSA

Apply for Awards

Applications may be mailed or emailed. Information is available on the applications, below. Please note that these instructions were amended in January 2017, so please check BEFORE submitting an application:

» PTD - Application for Star Ratings: pdf
» PTD - Application for Galaxy or Diamond Awardpdf

Basic Requirements

1 STAR - at least 18 acceptances with at least 6 titles.
2 STARS - at least 36 acceptances with at least 12 titles.
3 STARS - at least 72 acceptances with at least 24 titles.
4 STARS - at least 144 acceptances with at least 48 titles.
5 STARS - at least 288 acceptances with at least 96 titles.

Applications for 1-4 star may be amalgamated. Application for 5 star may not be made until after 4 star has been awarded.

Acceptances in a division after a 5-star rating can be applied toward the more advanced, Galaxy and Diamond Ratings. There are 10 levels of Galaxy and 10 of Diamond Ratings. See the complete chart of requirements for each level.

PSA members who have a 5 Star rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for a Galaxy Award. No application for Galaxy Awards may be made until 5 Star award has been made. No more than two Galaxy Awards may be made at the same time.

PSA members who have earned a Galaxy 10 Rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for a Diamond Award.  No more than one Diamond Award may be made at the same time


The fee for processing each Star Rating, Galaxy Award or Diamond Award is $12.00.

Payment is via PayPal only. Click on the links above and check the instructions for details.