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PPD - 2016-10-25 15:24:00

Dorinda Wills has been with us for several years, but Jaunty Ride, the first place Color Print, is her first win. 

David Halgrimson, this month’s judge, said “very strong composition, great colors, lots of room for the subject to move into the image. The leading line of the road works well and the background is very complimentary to the subject. Makes a person want to be there to ride along.

There is a great feel to this image that makes the viewer want to be part of it. The soothing colors, the jaunty horse pulling the wagon on a wonderful ride through the countryside gives a very relaxing view. The road leading in and through the image works to lead the eye through to see everything. Lots of open space in front of the horse and wagon to move into. The DOF with the partial blurring of the background helps to make the subject that much stronger. Well done.”

Enter the POM Competition.