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PSA Education Programs Overview

PSA provides many opportunities to educate their members. This is a members-only benefit and may require a membership number or password before enrollment in specific courses or access to certain information. All of these benefits may be accessed by PSA members through My PSA.

PSA volunteers and services can assist members in a variety of ways.

  • If you are interested in taking an online course, select Online Course Descriptions.

  • If you want to have an image evaluated, select Division Image Analysis.

  • For assistance in delving into a photographic specialty such as Macro or Panoramics, select Mentors

  • For assistance in PSA services or programs select Consultants

  • To learn from your fellow photographers in an informal study group, select Division Study Groups.

Select your area of interest, below. All titles in Red are linked to the appropriate page on this website.

Online Course Descriptions

Anyone can click the PSA Online Course Descriptions to read about the online courses PSA offers or see a list of graduates from each, but only PSA members who have logged in can access the enrollment forms.

To see a complete list of online courses offered, course graduates and enrollment forms, go to Online Courses or use the link from the left side of this page.

Individual Image Evaluation

PSA members have a personalized image evaluation service that is useful to the photographer who wants to hone his or her skills. This service is especially helpful if the maker would like to know just what constitutes an acceptable image in one of the PSA Divisions, or for previewing images before entering them in a club competition or PSA-recognized exhibition. You can choose one of five areas in which to be evaluated:
  • Pictorial (not offered at this time)
  • Nature
  • Photojournalism
  • Photo Travel
Requires member login.

PSA Mentors and Consultants

PSA Mentors will assist PSA members with specific photography topics. This requires member login.

PSA consultants will help you with PSA activities such as applying for Star Ratings and ROPA Distinctions or entering/hosting PSA-recognized exhibitions. This requires member login.

Division Study Groups

The goal of the division study groups is to provide PSA members the opportunity to share and improve their knowledge and skills. See more on Study Groups