The PSA Journal

Managing Editor

‚úČ Larry Cowles, HonPSA, GMPSA/P, EFIAP/d2·


Melissa Cramer Sonnen·

Each month PSA members have the opportunity to read feature articles in the full-color PSA Journal. These articles are written by members, for members. The articles include many "how-to" ideas and techniques, and cover a variety of topics of interest to the photography enthusiast.

Reading or Obtaining Copies of the PSA Journal
The PSA Journal is available to all individual PSA Members online as a downloadable pdf on the first of each month. PSA-member Clubs receive a printed copy of the journal with their membership. A monthly printed copy can be mailed to a PSA individual member for an additional membership fee.

Additional copies of the journal may be purchased for $10.00 each (plus mailing costs) by contacting PSA headquarters at You will be provided with payment information at that time.

A recent issue of the PSA Journal is available as a sample and is linked from left pane of this page. 

PSA Journal Reproduction Policy
The contents of the PSA Journal and the PSA Journal Online are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission of the publisher, the Photographic Society of America, Inc. (PSA). The publisher may reproduce articles and other material from the PSA Journal at its discretion, in whole or in part, in compilations with other articles on photography and/or in other possibly different formats.

The copyright of individual PSA Journal material is considered the property of the author, who has the discretionary right to reproduce and distribute his/her own material unless he/she has otherwise agreed in writing.

It is the policy of PSA to grant permission to PSA-member organizations to reproduce and distribute a maximum of four articles or other material per year from the PSA Journal. Non-PSA-member organizations that wish to reproduce PSA Journal material in their publications or related services or programs must obtain advance permission in writing from PSA and the author of the material concerned or his/her authorized agent. All such requests should be sent to: Office Manager, Photographic Society of America, 8241 S. Walker Ave, Suite 104, Oklahoma City, OK 73139.

All requests for reproduction dated after November 1, 1989, except from the Library of Congress of the United States, are subject to the following conditions: Whenever reproduced material appears, a statement similar to the following must be included: “This article (photograph, cartoon, etc.) is reproduced with permission from the (month, year) issue of the PSA Journal, the official magazine of the Photographic Society of America, Inc. (PSA). 

Journal Awards

PSA recognizes those members who contribute to the PSA Journal. Points are given for articles and images that are published and these points lead to Editorial Stars. The Charles Keaton Award is presented to a PSA Journal contributor who has supported the magazine for a long period of time with feature articles. The Elmore R. Chatham Memorial Award is presented to the author of the article considered the best feature story in the PSA Journal from the prior calendar year.

Journal Search

A searchable Index of Articles appearing in the PSA Journal has been maintained from 1934 to the present and is updated monthly. This index is an invaluable reference when writing an article for the PSA Journal or when preparing a photography-related program.


The first issue of the PSA Journal (March 1935) was 16 pages on 8½ x 11 inch paper and its subjects were pictorial and technical, reflecting the interest of the early Society. Originally, the PSA Journal was quarterly and catered to the advanced amateur and professional photographer. The evolution of the PSA Journal is described in the history of the PSA Journal.