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A PSA Chapter consists of individual Society members (not clubs) in different areas of the USA. Each Chapter has a PSA charter and can be thought of as a local "branch" of the Society.
About PSA Chapters
Links to all the chapters appear at the left on this page. For more information, see: What is a PSA Chapter? by Sharp Todd, APSA, PPSA, PSA Journal, August 2010

Most Chapters have a membership fee; however, new PSA members are usually given a one-year Chapter membership.

  • Chapters meet between one and four times per year.
  • Chapter meetings are usually day-long workshops or seminars, often with guest presenters.
  • Chapters may also organize photography field trips or other activities for the Chapter membership.
  • There is usually a fee to attend Chapter meetings, with a greater fee charged to those who are not Chapter members.
  • Chapters are asked to adhere to a Code of Conduct for any PSA-sponsored field trip and/or outing.
  • Chapter activities are listed in the Chapters Bulletins, accessed from each chapter's page.
The size of a Chapter ranges from 20 to 100 PSA members.

  • All Chapters adhere to PSA Chapter Policies (pdf) which also contains information on forming a new chapter, electing officers, and other important information. (revised March 2019)
  • Chapters should follow PSA's Chapter Financial System Outline (pdf) (as of January 2016)

Chapter members may showcase their images in one of two ways: through the Chapter Gallery, which features one image each from up to 12 members or in an individual chapter gallery, both of which are linked from the individual chapters' pages. Contact the chapter chair for details on individual chapter galleries.


Individual Chapters of PSA were organized under the Society's Bylaws in 1955. Since 1955, forty Chapters have received a PSA charter and, over the years, the number of active Chapters has varied. In 1968, there were only seven active Chapters: Chicago, Connecticut, Cosmopolitan (NYC), Hawaii, Pittsburgh, Tri-State (Ohio), and Western Michigan. In 1993, there were 18 active Chapters. The Chicago Chapter received its charter in 1955 and is the oldest active PSA Chapter. There were no Chapters formed outside the USA because of the legalities of establishing branches of PSA outside of the USA.