PJD Published Picture of the Year

PJD Published Picture of the Year (Ollie Fife Award), 1993-2009

This program provided a prestigious award and honor for the published picture selected as the best by a PSA member during the previous calendar year. This award was known as the "Ollie Fife Award" in honor of the late Ollie Fife, FPSA, of Alexandria, VA. The program was discontinued in 2012.
2009   Keith Vaughan, FPSA, EPSA
2008   Lynn Maniscalco
2006   Keith Gillett
2005     Keith Vaughan, FPSA, EPSA
2004   Keith Vaughan, FPSA, EPSA
2003   Garry Walter
2002   Thomas Moorhead, APSA
2001   Siegfried Matull
2000   Siegfried Matull
1999   Sammy Somekh
1998   Keith Vaughan, FPSA, EPSA
1997   Siegfried Matull
1996   Paula Griffin
1995   Thomas Moorhead, APSA
1994   Lynn Troy Maniscalco, FPSA, EPSA
1993   Thomas Moorhead, APSA