PJD Published Picture of the Year

2010 PJD Published Picture of the Year


Hush Puppy,
Sammy Somekh

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"Big Hug" Keith Gillett Gold
"Flames Break out in Sedan Engine" Thomas Moorhead Silver
"Changing Times" Thomas Moorhead HM
"A Struggle to Bring Down" Keith Gillett Gold
"Mud Run Winner" Keith Gillett Silver
"Beating the Tag" Thomas Moorhead Bronze

"Hush Puppy!"

Sammy Somekh Gold &
Ollie Fife
"Red Carpet Treatment" Sammy Somekh Silver
"Caretana Z" Julien Lathouwers Bronze
"Painting in Pireus" Sammy Somekh HM
"Tipping the Balance" Sammy Somekh HM
"Who Cares?" Sammy Somekh HM
"Having Fun" Keith Gillett HM
"USO 5K Mud Run" Keith Gillett Gold
"People of China" Lynn Troy Maniscalco Silver
"Flying High with the Golden Knights" Keith Gillett Bronze
"Kids Fishing Contest, 2010" Thomas Moorhead HM
"Optimists' Rodeo Entertains Thousands" Keith Gillett HM