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There are ten FIAP Distinctions for photographic merit: nine in ascending grades, and the separate Master (MFIAP) distinction. 

FIAP is organized to support club photography, and only members of PAA clubs whose membership is established through their membership in PSA, may apply for FIAP distinctions. Except for MFIAP, each distinction must be obtained in sequence and, at a minimum, on an annual basis.

Each FIAP distinction has three fees involved: the registration fee, the application fee, and a processing fee.
The registration fee is $25 and paid as registration is completed.
The fee for each of the first nine FIAP distinctions is $85 plus the $60 processing fee = $145 total which is paid at the end of March, if the application is ready to be submitted to FIAP.
The MFIAP distinction is $145 plus the $65 processing fee = $210 total which is paid at the end of January, if the application is ready to be submitted.

The Process
Anyone interested in the FIAP distinctions needs to study the information on this page and the separate pages describing the distinctions, the application schedule, and the FIAP Photographer’s Card/Platform Number. Several reference documents regarding the FIAP distinctions are linked, below:

  • Requirements for FIAP Distinctions (Projected and Print Images): pdf
  • Requirements for FIAP Distinctions (Audio Visual): pdf
  • Schedule for Submission of Applications for FIAP Distinctions: pdf (updated November 2020) - online FIAP distinction registration may be made November 1 through January 10 only
  • FIAP Sanctions Policy: pdf
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: pdf