PSA Galleries

PSA has several galleries on this website where members can share their photography with others.

PSA Member Galleries - For All PSA Members

Each PSA member can create a gallery of up to 6 images and a biography with a link to a personal web gallery.  Member galleries stay on the PSA site for as long as a member remains a PSA member in good standing. Individual images and bios in galleries may be updated by members as often as they would like.

A list of available galleries follows, grouped according to PSA Member Area. They can also be accessed from a state/province/country and some chapter pages on the site.

365 Day Galleries

PSA's 365-day galleries began on January 1, 2015. Each PSA member is invited to submit up to one image per day, using the 365-day-upload form and following the assignment of the day. You do not have to submit every day in order to participate. We have provided daily assignments to keep the gallery inspired and interesting. More information, including assignments, can be seen on the 365-day Gallery page.

The following links contain current 365 day galleries.

ROPA Galleries

When a PSA Member earns a PSA Distinction (i.e., PPSA, EPSA, MPSA, GMPSA, GMPSA/b, GMPSA/s, GMPSA/g, GMPSA/p), the member is invited to submit several of their recent award winning images for a ROPA Gallery. ROPA stands for Recognition of Photographic Achievement. The member also submits a biography describing their photography interests and service to PSA. These biographies are often used by members to provide their credentials for judging.

There is a ROPA Gallery for each Distinction. ROPA recipients' images are displayed in the gallery for the highest Distinction they have received.

PSA Portfolio Galleries

PSA members who have earned portfolio distinctions will have their most recent gallery displayed. You can see all available portfolio galleries under the Portfolios Galleries link.

PSA First Year Member Gallery - For PSA Members in their First Year of Membership

Individuals joining PSA are invited to submit one of their favorite images to the online PSA First Year Member Gallery.  The images are posted every day, in the gallery for that month.  One of each month's images is selected to represent the month at the end of the month.  A look through the galleries each month provides a glimpse of the diverse interests, technical skills, varied techniques, and outstanding quality of the Society's newest members. The image remains on the PSA website for one year.