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The Service Award,  “Excellence for Service Rendered” (ESFIAP) is awarded to those persons who have given exceptional service over a long period for the benefit of FIAP.

Those who have the photographic merit Distinctions AFIAP, EFIAP, and MFIAP may also be nominated for the ESFIAP Service Award if they fulfil the criteria.


Applications for the ESFIAP Service Award must include a completed dossier with a curriculum vitae and a detailed description of the services rendered by the candidate. The application needs to be made on the form provided by FIAP, ESFIAP Service Award Application Form, which can be requested from the Liaison Officer.
The text must be written in one of the official FIAP languages, i.e., English or French. The completed application form is submitted to the Liaison Officer for approval by the PAA Executive Committee. An approved application will be submitted to FIAP by PAA during the scheduled annual application submission month.

Applications for the ESFIAP Service Award are handled free of charge.

The Process
The applications for the ESFIAP Service Award are reviewed and examined by the FIAP Board of Directors at one of its ordinary meetings.

When the ESFIAP Service Award is awarded, the candidate receives a diploma and a badge (pin) with black enamel.