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& Chapter Website Contest Director


‚úČ Sam Wilson·

Each PSA-member club or council and each PSA chapter currently maintaining an Internet website is eligible.

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  • Website Contest Categories and Criteria

    The Annual PSA Website Contest strives to provide an opportunity for PSA Clubs and Councils to receive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the sites as evaluated by a panel of knowledgeable judges. Award recognition will be given to those sites the judges rate most successful based on criteria detailed within the score sheets under the categories listed. All entrants will receive feedback mid-summer (a few months after close of the competition).

    Along with the categories listed below, the Director is giving judges an opportunity to add points based on their overall website response using criteria such as: the site drew the viewer in, enticing the judge to become more familiar with the club/council beyond the task of reviewing the site; the site showed exemplary creativity above the expected norm, and was in that judge’s opinion, an overall favorite site from those submitted (regardless of the specific points earned). Overall points will be added to the criteria scores. There is merit to consider these impressions since sites vary in their individual direction, purpose and webmaster expertise, and attendees at the PSA conference have expressed interest in some attention to overall impressions. Although this topic is covered somewhat in First Impressions, the totality of the site (other than the overall score) has not always been considered in past years. While there may be some concern relating to possible bias from the Judges, experience has been that all of our judges are professional and unbiased.


    First impressions are everything. Research shows that a site visitor makes up his/her mind within the first 5-10 seconds whether to load a website or hit the back button. The home page is highly visible and should offer something new or original if you hope the first time or returning visitor will stick around. A good home page should convey professionalism, creativity and captivate interest while providing use of navigational links and sections to direct access throughout your website. The menu or toolbar should let the reader know what the reader can expect from your site and be easy to understand. Overall, a good home page design should be appealing, relevant, easily understood and focus on the key points of who/what you are.


    Overall design and appearances do matter. Good use of color, meaningful graphics that add interest to your text, high quality images and uncluttered layouts that allow visitors to focus on your message should be utilized. Your layout should be polished and professional. Minimize your use of anything that is going to cause your site to take a long time to load. Don't over complicate things.  


    Content is the substance of web pages and consists of the information that makes up each page.  The body of your website should be well organized. All Information should be up to date, accurate and interest guests. State the purpose for expected users of your website.  Be clear, concise and compelling while focusing on the key content of your site.


    You should have prominent, intuitive and logical navigation that is user friendly, simple and indicates where you are on the site.  It should be easy to use and pain free. Make sure to have a "home" link on your menu/toolbar. Good websites with many pages have a search tool to assist their readers while keeping other navigation tools consistent for ease of use. 


    Professionalism speaks for itself including observing copyright laws, 3rd party acknowledgements, disclaimers, and terms and conditions of site usage. 

  • Entry Groups

    There are two entry groups based on the number of members in the organization (club, council, or chapter).

    • Group A - Organizations with 75 or more members 
    • Group B - Organizations with 74 or fewer members 

    All entries are submitted by completing the Online Entry Form. See the section on Website Contest Categories and Criteria, for details.

  • Awards


    First, second, and third place winners in each entry group receive an engraved award; Honorable Mentions receive a certificate. 

    All winners will receive a commemorative ribbon logo for their website homepages.