PJD Interclub Competition

Director / Email
✉ Sean Sullivan·
ROUNDS END: November 15, January 15, March 15, May 15

2017-2018 PHOTOJOURNALISM INTERCLUB RESULTS 2016-2017 PHOTOJOURNALISM INTERCLUB RESULTS More of the previous years' results on bottom of page
» About / Info: The PJD photojournalism digital competition is open to PSA member clubs. Following each competition, the club standings are sent to participating clubs and published in the PJD News column of the PSA JournalFor more information, contact the director at: ✉ PJD-IC-director@psa-photo.org.

Registration: Clubs may join at any time during the competition but must join by the club registration deadline to participate in round one. Include camera club name, PSA club i.d. number, primary club contact name, home address, email, evening phone number; secondary club contact: name, email.

Definition of an Acceptable Photojournalism Image: 
Photojournalism shall consist of pictures or sequences with informative content and emotional impact, including human interest, documentary, and spot news. The journalistic value of the photograph shall be considered over pictorial quality. In the interest of credibility, photographs which misrepresent the truth, such as manipulation to alter the subject matter, or situations which are set up for the purpose of photography, are unacceptable. The only editing that can be done includes cropping and color correction that could be done in a darkroom.  
There are two classification that you may list a photo journalistic image under, General and Human Interest.
Human Interest must include one or more persons (not implied, actual persons).  Sports action cannot be the main subject of the image (that would be considered "sports photography"). You may have person(s) in sports gear, but not actual sports action. Additionally, the images must show some type of interaction, emotion or unusual situation and the subject matter cannot be staged.
General classification can be almost anything, including Human Interest, but usually it involves non-human related events (man made or natural disasters are a good example). 

Groups & Entries / Round: One Group: 6 images, max of 2 images/member. Images which have not received a prior award in this PJD Interclub Competition may be re-entered. Instructions for the Submission of Entries
 - four rounds

Entry Method:  - Upload only images for current round, not for future rounds.
Rules & Awards / Round: 
Digital images designated as PJ General or PJ/Human Interest. Ribbons for top 3 images in PJ General and top 3 in PJ Human Interest. Up to 6 HMs per round.

End of Year (EOY) Awards: High Point club receives plaque. Top PJ General & Human Interest images receive plaques with ribbons to 2nd, 3rd, & HM winners

Model Release May be Requested if winning image is a portrait and PSA wishes to publish it

For those who do not have a Model Release, Sample Model Release Form - doc 

To register for a PSA Division Interclub Competition, please contact the Interclub Competition Director listed at the top of this page. Clubs can register at any time and participate in as many or as few competitions as the club wishes; however, clubs need to register and participate in all of the offered rounds to be properly ranked in the year's standings.

A Consultant is available to help PSA-member clubs enter the Interclub Competitions. This service can be found in Clubs/Councils area, which is available after Club Representative login.