Zahoor Uddin Khan, QPSA, SPSA

Zahoor uddin Khan is from Kohat in Pakistan. He has been a resident of Dubai for the past 35 years. Zahoor took up photography as a hobby since a decade but his serious interest in the art of photography has been for the past 5 years.

For Zahoor the camera is a tool to capture life in its various manifestations, be it nature, the macro world or people and their cultural heritage. He likes to present his stories, his experiences through the medium of photography resulting in many publications in particular photo essays on his native village in Pakistan. He also has an inclination to present contemporary work through abstracts.

Zahoor likes to travel and has already shown his interest in writing with the publication of two non-photography books. Zahoor has exhibited his works in group shows that include Photography Live, Photo World, Collective Visions and DIHAD - humanitarian conference. He has also given presentations in the Chapter meetings of The RPS as well as Shutter Bugs Creative Forum events.

Zahoor has exhibited his works in many International exhibitions winning awards and International distinctions, which includes the Associateship from The Photographic Society of New Jersey and Image Colleague Society International. Along with Rubeena, his wife, who too has great interest in photography, Zahoor plans to travel and photograph many places. Zahoor is a member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in Dubai.

Zahoor uddin Khan earned his QPSA and his SPSA in 2018.