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Tatsuoki Takeda

I began to take photographs when I was an elementary school pupil, but I was taking ordinary photos leisurely before I retired in 2006 from a university professor of the computational physics. After retirement I started to take mainly lensless camera photos (pinhole photos and so on) and invisible light (infrared and ultraviolet light) photos in earnest. Among the lensless camera photography I am especially interested in the zone plate photography, and make a study of it by taking zone plate photos of various objects under various conditions.

In addition of the well-known indistinctness and softness of a zone plate photo due to the background light, color of a zone plate photo sometimes becomes very attractive as an impressionist painting probably due to the extremely large chromatic aberration of a zone plate. The photographs displayed here are zone plate photos and infrared photos.

Every year I exhibit this kind of photos at several photo exhibitions held in Tokyo, post such photos and the results of the study of the zone plate on my website (http://atelier_bonryu/bonryu.com/), and publish e-books (Kindles of Amazon.com) e.g. A Complete Guide to Zone Plate Photography, and A Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography.