Sathish Kumar Ravindran, QPSA

Simple and evocative with a flair to present the ordinary with an extraordinary approach and vision, Ravindran Sathish Kumar has achieved remarkable progress in his photographic journey. Sathish is from "Gods own Country" - Kerala in India and is now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is from an Electronics background and works as Senior Technical Manager for a major firm.

With quite an intensive schedule he makes time for his passion and likes to be amidst nature. His subjects include primarily nature, the macro world, people and pictorial outdoor genre. Sathish has participated in many photographic exhibitions recognized by PSA and has International distinctions from various photographic organizations including the Photographic Society of New Jersey and Image Colleague Society International, in USA.

His images have been part of group shows which include "Collective Visions,", "Nature Photography," in Photography Live SBCF group show, Farmchimp Photography Exhibition, Photoworld SBCF photography show apart from presenting his creations in "An Evening of Inspiration" events in Dubai.

Sathish is an active member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in Dubai. Personal Website - www.sathishphotography.net

Sathish earned his QPSA in 2018.