Prabuddha Ghosh

Prabuddha is a self taught Painter and Photographer, working in the segment of non-figurative Abstracts, where plasticity is the basic. Ghosh says "I guess at the contemplation of how pathetic the common human nature is of not being able to control time. This brings me to what I wanted to jabber about - voyage and destination. Seeing that we all have the inability to pause time, we are sort of forced to ride through life and reach our ultimate destination." Ghosh believes "'The Art of Conscious Creation', How you can renovate the World will show you how to find it, use it and chisel a life of your own choosing -- instead of letting life happen to you." In this metamorphosis lots of residual are leaving landmark paintings and photographs.

Prabuddha likes to work for Photojournalism, Reporting and Photography for featured articles, which can be merely called as conceptual photography. Few of his Photo Stories and Features had published in different publications and online magazines. Prabuddha has traveled all over India for his profession and passion for handicrafts from rural and tribal segment. He spells correctly that Indian art is very much with the flavor of tribal and rural crafts. Prabuddha regularly contributes in different periodicals in art and photojournalism section and taking active participation in different exhibition in India as well as abroad. He also runs an organization for encouraging and supporting Artists, Artisans and Craftsmen. Prabuddha Ghosh lives and works in Pune, Maharashtra, India.