Next Competition Deadline: June 21

Competition Director:

 ✉ Arnab Chakraborty, EFIAP, FFIP, FSoF, FISF



Entrants must be PSA members in good standing who are the winners of the Best of Show or PSA Gold medals in Projected Image Division Sections of PSA-Recognized Exhibitions whose closing dates occurred in the previous Calendar Year

All eligible entrants will receive an email invitation from the PID Image of the Year Director. This invitation will list the titles of the photos the member has that are eligible. Additionally, there will be instructions regarding how and where to enter online.

Entries for each calendar year of Exhibitions are due by June 21 of the following year and will be judged prior to the PSA Annual Conference. Images are not to be submitted prior to receiving the invitation entry form from the Director. Please check your Spam if you have received a best of show or gold medal last year but did not get an invitation.

Competition is free of charge and does not count towards Who’s Who or PSA star ratings.


Model Release May be Requested if winning image is a portrait and PSA wishes to publish it

If there is no Model Release available, the image may win but cannot be published. For those who do not have a Model Release, Sample Model Release Form - doc - interactive pdf - both of these forms can be filled out and saved on a mobile or desktop device. 


All Division IOY competitions have been standardized. IOY Awards are selected for each Division Star Track. In PID there are two star tracks of Color and Monochrome. For each star track there will be one Gold Medal Award and one Silver Medal Award, for every hundred entries or portion thereof.

Winning images are shown at the PSA Annual Conference, displayed on the PSA website, and presented in the PSA Journal. Awards are mailed to those who cannot attend the Conference.