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Prasad Dalvi (A)

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Title:    Night Heron with Catfish
Goal:    To capture the Night Heron with a prey.  

Equipment/Source:   Nikon D850, 200-500mm Nikkor Lens, Handheld shot. Bharatpur, Koeladeo Santuary. Sat at the ground level and went parallel to the Heron to capture the action. 
Technique:   f5.6, 1/640 Sec, ISO320, Spot Metering 

Color correction and cropping in Photo Shop cc

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Title:   Mating Flies 
Goal:   To depict mating of flies. 

Equipment/Source:  D5300, Vanguard Travel tripod, 90 mm 2.8 Tamron Micro Lens F16, 1/100 sec, ISO 250, Spot, Flash with diffuser  

Technique:   Used the tripod as the flies were stable on a leaf due to their activity. Though the flew intermittently sat at the near spot on the same leaf. Used flash with diffuser, and used the Spot metering as the subject was tiny.   

Processing:   Used Photoshop for color correction and Lights and shadows were opened a bit, sharpened the image a bit.

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Review by commentator Dan C.

This shot has two levels to its story, the mating action and the difference in size between the male and female.

While I do not believe it has been, the background gives the impression it has been manipulated to make it softer.  I also feel the green does not really look correct with this shot but does look more realistic if you reduce the saturation.  That also reduces the impression that the background was manipulated.

The flies are adequately sharp but it looks like you picked up some digital noise in the background.  You may want to selectively reduce that background noise in post processing.  I would not recommend global noise reduction because that would soften the flies.

N3, T2, P2, E0, Total 7

Review by Georges D.
This an excellent picture of the insects which are both in focus, with an excellent lighting and a nice background.
It is a high quality picture which may have required careful planning.
N-3, T-3, P-3, E-0, total-9

Review by Andy H.
Well caught and you achieved your goal. The first thing that hits me is over saturation. It's a common fault that I come across quite often. Try reducing the saturation. Image also appears to be over processed or sharpened giving an unnatural look. Well composed and has impact.
N-3, T-1, P-1, E-0, Total-5

Review by Larry T.
Quite clearly you have accomplished your goal of depicting mating flies. The action more than fulfills the required Nature Storyline. This is well done.

Camera gear and setting were all excellent choices for capturing this image ,but it is the use of the flash with diffuser that make the image work. The high fstop and low ISO woud make this image quite dark without the flash. The DOF makes the image impressively sharp, from the “fuzz” on the leaf to the detail on the flies---all clear as a bell.

I feel the composition is pleasing and while your subjects are centered, they have the feel of being positioned on the right fixation points and this enhances the image. The lack of clarity in the background makes the subject pop and separate from the background.

My only critique is the seemingly over saturation of the green leaves. Green is one of those colors that unfortunately frequently comes of looking over cooked in processing. In my opinion, it this was toned down just a bit I would give it a 10. Anyway you look at the image---it is excellent.
N-3, T-3, P-3, E-0, Total-9

Review by Robert D.
Great action shot of two flies having at it. It has impact for sure but on closer examination, the focus seems to be on the little plant hairs rather than the flies. Even though one can clearly se what is going on, the actual eyes and the rest of the bodies have no detail only color and outline. There is also a moderate amount of noise and the greens are over saturated and not natural. Maybe too much post processing but the critical problem is focus and lack of depth of field. Common problems. If only the eyes had details, the rest would not matter very much. Macrophotography is not easy or forgiving.
N-3, T-1, P-2, E-0, Total-6

Review by Dennis H.
Good nature story showing mating flies. Nice colour and detail on flies. The image could be improved by toning down brightness below flies. Good capture.
N-3, T-2, P-3, E-0, Total-8

Review by Natalie M.
Good capture, with the mating scene creating the story. The image generally looks to be in focus, but just a little soft on my screen, maybe due to some very slight leaf movement. Unfortunately to me the image also appears oversaturated, particularly the green, which completely dominates the scene and distracts me from the subjects. Well spotted.
N-3, T-2, P-2, E-0, Total-7

Review by Bogdan B.
I like the red eyes of flies on green background. I miss more sharpness. At this aperture also DOF should be wider. 
N-3, T-2, P-3, E-0, Total-8

Review by Suman B.
As I commented before that I won’t be tempted for a nature shot like this one unless the fly is uncommon. Otherwise this is an excellent shot of insecta behaviour. Which diffuser you are using as It is showing good results. Using D5300 with Tamron 2.8 does give you good magnification but did you forget to mention the Raynox add-on? The magnification implies it. ;)
Everything perfect. Used the tripod to reduce the chance of shake. Aperture is showing good DOF with only a 1/100 fast shutter and a 250 ISO settings which is cause to such low colour noise in the zone. Only thing which could have been averted is the over sharpening of the image.
N-2, T-e, P-3, E-0, Total-8

I am a committee member of on of the Oldest Photographic Society known as "The Photographic Society of India" and am actively involved in promoting Photography through Training, Photowalks, and Conducting Photography Tours. My major interest is Nature Photography and specifically Macro and Birding. Academically I have an Engineering background and have working experience in the Information Technology field for 2 decades. However, I have committed myself to Photography which is my passion and am pursuing it. 
Given an opportunity, I would be glad to be the part of the Study Group and would like to submit my images for critique. I also will provide healthy and productive, positive critiques if needed and be willing to put in the time and follow the deadlines.