PSA North America


Interactive map - click the state or province in which you have interest. You may also select the area from the list to the left of the map.

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The 50 United States and the District of Columbia are allocated to 8 membership areas; 10 Canadian provinces are allocated to 3 additional areas.  Each area has an appointed Area Membership Director (AMD). There are also appointments of State Membership Directors (SMDs) and Province Membership Directors (PMDs). Each AMD, and their SMDs or PMDs, are shown on individual home pages, which are available by selecting one of the area names in the lower left, color-coded list on the North America Membership Areas map (below).

The states and provinces, identified by their abbreviations on the map, are all shown in the same colors as their assigned areas. The full name of the states and provinces will be shown when a mouse cursor is placed anywhere over it. The home page for a state or province may be reached directly by clicking (or double clicking) within its map boundaries. Those pages are also available by first selecting the necessary area home page.

If you are interested in becoming either an Area or State Director for one of the "Volunteer Needed" positions, please contact PSA's Membership Vice President or one of the membership directors.