Networking: PSA Discussion Forums

PSA has two forums for club leaders to share information with each other and help solve club or council related concerns.  The first, Camera Club Sparkle, is a group for the club President, the club PSA Rep, and/or the club Membership Director.  The second forum, the PhotoEditors Group, is designed for the club webmaster and/or the club newsletter editor.  Over 50% of the PSA-member clubs belong to one forum or the other.  The discussions are very lively with a mutual sharing of ideas.

Camera Club Sparkle

Camera Club Sparkle is a PSA online forum designed for clubs/Councils to share information and solve their present concerns.  One or two individuals from each club (the club President, Club Rep, and/or the club Membership Coordinator) should participate.

* To join:
At the top of the page is a link to click to sign up (or sign in, if you already have a Yahoo account). Then just follow the links to register for the group. Once authorized (to keep out the spammers), a member can post and begin to share their questions, ideas, and solutions with other clubs and Councils around the world.  Some potential topics include: how to attract (and keep) club members; getting members to volunteer for positions as officers and committee chairs; balancing learning and competition; how to plan field trips; how to balance projected images and prints; and how to get judges and programs.

PSA PhotoEditor's Group

The PSA PhotoEditor's Group is an online discussion and resource group formed primarily for camera club and Council newsletter editors and webmasters.  The participants are dedicated to helping each other.  Articles, which can be published in a club/council newsletter or web site, are shared.   Information regarding PSA, with links to Word docs and PDFs, is provided.  A major resource is the link section where members can view award winning club/Council newsletters and web sites from all over the world.  Many discussions evolve around problems common to all clubs and councils.  The site is unique and there is nothing else like it on-line.

* To join: