Image of Year - Nature

Nature Division 2015 Image of the Year - Print Winners

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In 2016 for 2015 exhibitions( from 197 Exhibitions), 706 digital images/prints were eligible from 246 entrants in 45 countries, and 369 images and 48 prints were submitted from 111 entrants in 31 countries.

Print of the Year, 15 pts
That is My Fish, Not Yours
Peter Huzhong Cai, PPSA, AFIAP, New York, USA
Honor Award, 15 pts
Short Toed Snake Eagle Feeding
Siddanna Thippeswamy, FPSA, PPSA, India
Honor Award, 14 pts
Lioness with Cub 1
Bob Devine, MPSA, AFIAP, England, UK
Honor Award, 14 pts
Serengeti Zebra Sparring
Susan Peter, Delaware, USA