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Welcome to the PSA Kenya page. 

Kenya is well privileged with tremendous wildlife, natural features and the abundant culture of over 40 tribes. Landscapes in the country present changing sceneries across regions. The natural scenery is a picture of grasslands, farmlands, some desert land, hills and mountains, rivers and lakes, and the ocean at the Kenyan coast. The country has many parks and reserves with outstanding variety of fauna, including rare and unique species, and the captivating group of animals famously referred to as the Big Five.

Kenya is by and large a photography scene. I therefore invite all the Kenya photography enthusiasts to register and capitalize on the Photographic Society of America (PSA) membership package to enhance your photography experience.

I must say that when I joined PSA I was greatly pleased with the support I got from the PSA team. This is the same support that you will receive in order to make the most of your PSA membership opportunities.    

PSA Membership benefits:

  • Gain more photography knowledge by taking Free PSA online courses.
  • Improve on your photography by having your images appraised by PSA image evaluators.
  • Get a PSA mentor to guide you on your photography endeavors. 
  • Network, participate, and learn from fellow PSA members by joining a division - a study group, and the PSA Face book page. Taking up available PSA volunteering positions is also occasion to network.
  • Showcase your images on the PSA new member’s gallery and the member gallery; enroll for the 365 day gallery, and then display an image on the PSA ‘show your stuff gallery’ on the second year of membership.
  • You will receive the monthly PSA online journal. There is opening to write for the journal as well. 
  • Enter PSA competitions and take part in international exhibitions. A PSA consult is on hand to direct you on these and other PSA photography opportunities.
  • PSA member discounts are available on various commodities. 
  • You will have a PSA membership card to demonstrate your membership. You will be able to get and display the PSA logo on your website as well.