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Image Preparation Guidelines

Image Size

For vertical images, make the height (the longer side) 1040 px 
for horizontal images, make the width (the longer side) 1040 px 
Save the image as a jpg at 72 or 120 ppi.

Make any enhancement, including sizing, flipping or rotating, in a format other than JPG (e.g., PSD). Repeated editing and saving a JPG file can degrade image quality. This is also true if you rotate your image using software and not in the camera. Renaming a JPG file using your browser or opening a JPG file and closing it without any changes will not degrade the image quality. If you get the prompt "Save Changes Before Closing" when closing a JPG file, answer "NO."

Do not submit your original image. Use a copy. This will always leave you a master of the original image you made.

File Names

All images should be given a descriptive Nature title.
The filename for each image must use the following format:

where: Image_Name is the title of the image and Lastname is your family name

Example: Golden_Eagle_with_Prey_Charbonnet.jpg 
An underscore ( _ ) must be used between each element of the filename. Spaces and symbols (&, #, @) are not acceptable.